110 amazing magic tricks with Everyday Objects - eBook

Hello every one on my blog
Today I would like to share with you 110 amazing magic tricks with Everyday Objects - ebook.

Magic is a wonderful hobby. This book contains selected 110 superb magic tricks, most of which can be performed with simple everyday objects.

Yes now you can learn all these tricks on your smart phone for free with this application

 Once learned, you will be able to mystify and entertain no matter where you are. Read and follow the illustrated instructions carefully and regularly practice and rehearse the tricks until you feel completely confident - then get ready to baffle, bewilder and amaze! But remember our magicians code and NEVER REVEAL YOUR SECRETS! Have Fun!

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The Revelation Effect With 3 Cool Bonus Tricks

The Revelation Effect

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You Get:
iCut Instructional Video
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- 3 Alternate Methods
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Foresight by Oliver Smith Tutorial

Foresight by Oliver Smith Tutorial

 If magic and mentalism made a baby, this would be it!

Foresight is a powerful fusion between magic and mentalism by our friend, Oliver Smith. For those of you who love visual effects that fit right in your wallet, this is for you. It's extremely visual, easy to do, and gets jaw-dropping reactions. You'll be able to construct a powerful presentation while blowing people's minds with this eye-candy gem.


Eric Jones - At the Table Live Lecture

Eric Jones - At the Table Live Lecture

At the Table Live Lecture Eric Jones January 20th 2016 - Magic Cloud enjoythemagic

Penn & Teller Fooler and co-founder of Lost Art Magic, Eric Jones brings us his brand new, world-wide lecture. Eric's new lecture isn't filled with knuckle busting techniques but rather practical and potent magic that can be mastered in minutes. Real secrets to this all new At The Table live lecture are discovered as Eric reveals his thoughts on magic performance, theory and structure. Come join us and start the year off with an experience that will fill your brain with magic from the top professionals. But first, check out this list of effects taught by Eric during his lecture:

Smoke: Your hands are shown empty and from thin air produce a sharpie. Then you tell the spectator to use their imagination as you pretend to draw paper and tobacco in thin air. Once you do, you roll the imaginary cigarette, light it and produce smoke from thin air.

Eric Collectors Routine: Four Kings are shown as three cards are signed, selected and lost into the deck. The signed cards then appear between the Kings.

Performing With Rhythm: Eric shares what it takes to perform smoothly and in rhythm, which is important for all performers.

Hellbound Spellbound: Our favorite trick of the lecture. A hyper visual, multiple phase coin routine that should go straight into any coin magician's repertoire.

Self-Working Coin Trick: A copper coin and a silver coin are shown and held, one in each hand, and visually change places multiple times. So good it looks like a camera trick.

Eric's Creative Process: Eric shares what it takes to create your own effects. If you're a tinkerer of magic, this is your sandbox.

Impromptu Coin and Hat: Borrow a spectator's hat and a coin. The coin in placed in the hand but appears inside the hat that has been on the spectator's head the whole time.

Ishkabibble Sandwhich: One of David Blaine's favorite effects that Eric performs. A card visually appears between two kings. This is one you'll have to see to believe. Ungimmicked and devastating.

Smoked 2.0 by Christopher Dearman

Smoked 2.0 by Christopher Dearman

VANISH a FULL pack of cigarettes
From inside the pack

With this product there are two different effects that can be done...

Basic "NON-Smoking" Effect:
The performer brings out a pack of cigarettes. Opening the lid, the performer shows the spectators that the pack is indeed full. After closing the lid and a magical pass over the packs lid... The performer opens the lid again and the pack is completely empty.

Basic "Smoking" effect:
The performer brings out a pack of cigarettes. Opening the lid, the performer shows the spectators that the pack is indeed full. Performer removes one cigarette, closes the lid, and lights the cigarette. Blowing smoke at the pack, the lid is then re-opened, and it is now found to be empty.


Includes two precision-made SMOKED gimmicks.

Allows you to vanish a full pack of cigarettes, or transform them into anything that fits in a pack!
cash, gum, business cards, candy, crayons, bullets, toy skeleton or skull, etc.

Thirty-two page photo-illustrated Instruction booklet that describes three full SMOKED routines, with numerous tips & patter suggestions.

Perfect for quit smoking or anti-smoking demonstrations!

Option to show the pack full or remove a cigarette before the vanish.

Resets in seconds or you can tear pack to pieces!

Perform completely surrounded.

DVD of QUIT by Stephane Krief: detailing additional vanishing cigarettes gimmick & performance ideas.

Flash Flight By Nicholas Lawrence & Sensor Magic

A visual TnR like no other. A torn corner visually jumps back to its restored state on the card.